Pediatrics is the branch of medicine that involves the medical care of infants and children
Specialist: Pediatrician
Focus: infants , Children


  • Prevention, Diagnostics, and Treatment of Chronic and Acute Illnesses
  • Well-Baby Visits
  • Growth Monitoring
  • Development and Behavioral Assessment
  • Nutritional Assessment and Management of Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Childhood Obesity Management and Diet Counselling
  • Management of Childhood Allergy and Asthma, Infectious Disease Prevention and Management
  • Immunization /Vaccination

About Pediatrics
Pediatrics is the branch of medicine dedicated to the medical care of infants, children and adolescents. Treating a child is not like treating a miniature adult. A major difference between pediatrics and adult medicine is that children cannot make decisions for themselves. We support the health and well-being of children and are advocates for children’s health issues.

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