Dr. Yasser Senna

Dr. Yasser Senna

General Practitioner
A trusted , patient focused & experienced GP doctor with a long history of serving patients by successfully diagnosing , treating & also managing their illnesses & diseases. Working experience as a GP in the Egyptian ministry of health , Cairo for 10 years & 7 months. Easy going by nature & able to get along with other healthcare professionals & also senior managers. Experience of emergency care & home visits.

Graduation Date & Grade
Bachelor of Medicine & surgery 2012, very good with honor


  • Egyptian fellowship of family medicineMRCGP
  • DHA ( Dubai Health Authority ) eligibility letter
  • MOH ( UAE Ministry of Health & prevention ) eligibility letter
Work Experience
Works as a Family Medicine Specialist Doctor in General Practice at The Egyptian Ministry of Health from 2013. I Have DHA & MOH eligibility Letters

Job description
*Diagnosing and treating variety of diseases and injuries in general practice by performing the following duties

• Examines patients and take their histories.
• Orders laboratory tests, X-rays and other diagnostic procedures and consults with other medical practitioners to evaluate patients’ physical and mental health.
• Analyzes reports and findings of tests and of examination, and diagnoses condition.
• Administers or prescribes treatments and drugs.
• Inoculates and vaccinates patients to immunize patients from communicable diseases.
• Conducts physical examinations to provide information needed for admission to school, consideration for jobs, or eligibility for insurance coverage.
• Referring patients to appropriate other specialists if needed.
• Reports births, deaths, and outbreak of contagious diseases to Governmental authorities.
• Provides prenatal care to pregnant women, delivers babies, and provides postnatal care to Mother and infant.
• Supervises and Trains Medical Staff.
• Collects, Records, and Maintains patient information, such as medical history, reports, and examination results.
• Submitting claims on behalf of patients who have health insurance.
• Provides education to patients and families regarding medical conditions and their treatment options as well as preventative care strategies of nutrition, exercise and hygiene
• Coordinates work with nurses, social workers, rehabilitation therapists, pharmacists, and with other health care providers.
• Takes active part in all departmental meetings or other meetings.
• Advises patients and their families on health care including health promotion, disease, illness and accident prevention.
• Provides counseling and support to patients and their families on a wide range of health and lifestyle issues.
• Participates in research studies commissioned by the Health Governing Sectors
• Co-ordinates or manages primary patient care.
• Performs Minor Surgeries like Suturing, Abscess drainage, superficial burn treatment, Nail debridement, removal of foreign bodies from the skin, nose, or ears.
• Provides continuous care to patients.
• Supervises home care services.
• Provides acute & emergency care management.
WORKED AS ( Manager OF BEGAM PHC ) IN 2014
It sets general infection control policy and provides input into specific infection control issues, its function is to prevent and control nosocomial infections. That is accomplished in a variety of ways some of which include:
surveillance of nosocomial infections, product evaluation, investigation of infection outbreaks and infection clusters, development of infection control procedures for all departments, staff and patient education, medical waste
management, etc.

COURSES & Teachings attended
• Fundamentals of Infection control course from Egyptian Medical Syndicate (2021)
• Basic pelvi-abdominal ultrasound course from Egyptian Medical Syndicate (2020)
• ICDL Course ( Egyptian Ministry Of Health ) (2019)
• BLS & ALS ( 2019)
• TOEFL Course ( Ain Shams University ) (2018)
• English Writing Skills ( EDDRAK 2022 )

• 14th National Egyptian Diabetes Congress ( DIAEGYPT 2022)
• The Annual conference of the ESEHG ( The Egyptian Society for The Study of Endoscopy & Hepatogastroenterology) (EDDW 2022)
• 18th Fasting and Diabetes conference ( Arabic Association For The study of Diabetes & Metabolism) (AASD 2022)
• Attending The Management of cardio- metabolic disorders in diabetic patients conference (2022)
• The 10th international diabetes congress ( DIAEGYPT 2018 )
• Hepatology On The Nile 6 conference (2018)
• The 14th annual international AASD conference (2018)
• The 4th annual clinical lipidology forum (2017)
• The General Organization For Teaching Hospitals & Institutes( GOTHI )
Monthly Scientific Meeting ( Pain Management ) (2013)

Teachings & Presentations

• Health education of Diabetic Foot
• Health education of Asthma patients
• Lecture about (Acute Viral Hepatitis)
• Lecture about ( How to Examine your Patient )
• Health education of Vomiting During Pregnancy
• Lecture about ( Newborn Problems )
•  Lecture about ( Allergic Rhinitis )
• Lecture about (Antenatal Care)
• Lecture about ( Newborn Problems )
• Lecture about ( Types of Abortion )
• Health education of DM in Ramadan
• Other many Topics …

Membership Of Professional Bodies
• Member of The Egyptian Medical Syndicate since 2013 till now Management Experience
• Manager of Al Harameen Medical Center From 2017 to 2022
• Rota Management in Matarya Teaching Hospital ( During Covid-19 Pandemic )
• Rota management in Banha Public Health Center From Mar 2018 To sep 2018
•  Manager of Begam Public Health Center in 2014
• Arabic Mother Language
• English very good
Honor & Awards
Many (Thank you messages) From my Patients After my success in Diagnosing & Treating Them Volunteering Activities
• Fund Raising for Orphans & Poor Egyptian People all over the year
• Free medical examination on Poor People In our country
• Member of the Board of Directors of the Islamic Sharriya Association
• Blood Donation

Personal Skills
• Creative , challengeable
• Cooperative , Ambitious , dynamic
• Highly motivated, and honest
• Hard worker
• Team worker
• Having high intuition in anything.
• Easy can learn anything.
• Can work under pressure.
• Having a leading personality.
• Can contact with other management system.
• Able to achieve any aim or target for the Hospital.
• The ability to create good relations with people.

Computer Skills
• Text editors: Fluent use of Word, Excel for windows (ICDL) (very good)
Presentation: Fluent use of Microsoft Power Point.
• Internet: Experienced user of the Internet.

Personal Interests
• Reading
• Technology
• Design ,media ,Graphics , mental & physical activities
• Traveling
• Videos & photos editing

 Accepted Insurance Companies