Dr. Mouhammed Alhajzein

Dr. Mouhammed Alhajzein


Branding profile

  • Energetic and motivated Urologist with excellent experience of 17 years in providing medical and surgical care for all inpatients and outpatients at the highest level of quality and skills
  • Excellent experience in emergency and routine surgeries
  • Immediate response to meet emergency calls throughout the week
  • Unique skills in communication with patients and their families
  • Solving problems and making the right decisions in a timely manner


  • High ability to diagnose patient conditions quickly and accurately in emergency & routine situations to ensure they receive the treatment they need
  • Detailed oriented, which reduces mistakes made in patient diagnosis, treatment, and medication administration
  • High-hand experience in dealing with urological surgeries
  • The ability to work independently and in collaboration with the members of the whole health care team
  • Superb analytical skills and attention to detail
  • Collaborated with the whole health care team in the delivery of effective cost-efficient, and holistic patient care
  • Leadership abilities to lead and manage practice staff in providing patients with standard quality care
  • High organizational skills which allow me to keep appointments, records and patient details in order
  • Give emotional support and comfort to patients and their families during treatment interventions

Work Experience

  • Zulfi General Hospital / Saudi Ministry of Health for 17 years (Jan/2003-Dec/2020)
    > Perform hundreds of surgeries as required on patients of different ages for the management of urogenital disorders
    > Manage diseases and disorders of the urinary tract and reproductive organs
    > Evaluate the condition of patients and order the appropriate diagnostic tests and exams
    > Participate actively in the outpatient department and follow up with patients
    > Participate actively in the urology on-call schedule for patient care in the emergency department
    > Collaboration with nephrologists to treat kidney patients
    > Deliver patient care through preoperative and postoperative stages
    > Document and maintain records pertaining to patients
    > Participate actively in departmental, educational, and training activities
    > Supervise resident doctors in their duties and responsibilities
  • Hama national Hospital /Syrian Ministry of Health for 5 years as a urology resident (April/1997-April 2002)
    > Administrative experience
    >> 2009-2010 Deputy Medical Director (Baish General Hospital/Saudi Ministry of Health)
    >> 2011-2012 Medical director (Baish General Hospital/ Saudi Ministry of Health)

Professional Courses

  • Basic Life Support courses for health care providers (Canadian Red Crescent) Jan/ 2022
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support course for health providers (King Faisal Specialist & Research Center) in July/2020
  • Covid-19 critical care crash course (Zulfi General Hospital/Saudi Ministry of Health) June/2020
  • Conscious Sedation course (Zulfi General Hospital/Saudi Ministry of Health) March/2017


  • Dubai Healthcare Professional Registration Certificate
  • Specialization certificate of urology (Syrian Ministry of Health April/2002)
  • Doctor of Medicine Bachelor (Syrian Ministry of Higher Education, Jan/1997)

Continuous Medical Education

  • Attending many local and international Urology conferences (Certificates are available on need)


  • An end-of-service certificate with an excellent grade

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