Dr. Ammar Shalabi

Dr. Ammar Shalabi

Implantologist – Dentist

  • 1996 > Graduated from Yugoslavian Dental University Doctor of Stomatology D.D.S
  • 2022 > graduated from id-SC Oral Implantology Institute as Implantologist

    Professional Experience
    Practicing as General Practitioner Dentist since 1997, with cumulative experience of more than 25 years covering almost all disciplines of dentistry Practicing Implantology under supervision of ID-SC Institute since 2017

    • 2020-2022 > Implantology study in ID-SC institute during my work
    • Nov 2014 up to 01.03.2022 > In Gsm Medical Center-Dubai investment park as HOD dental clinics
    • Feb 2012-Aug 2013 > In my private Clinic Damascus
    • Jan 2010 -2012 > Saudi Ministry of Health , GP Dentist (Al Madina-Mahd Al Dahab)
    • Feb 2007-2009 > In my private clinic Damascus
    • May 2006-Feb 2007 > Syrian Ministry of Health, General Dentist
    • Feb 2004-Jan 2006 > Saudi Ministry of Health ,GP Dentist , with speciality in surgical and conservative dentistry (Zahran al Janoob)
    • Oct 2002-Feb 2004 > Syrian Ministry of Health, conservative dentistry
    • June 2002-Apr2002 > Al-Rawda Surgical Hospital as a General Dentist covering Prosthodontic, orthodontic, and conservative dentistry with specialty in Prosthodontic Dentistry (Crowns and Bridges)
    • May 1997- Nov 1999 > Doctor in Military Prosthodontic unit, crowns and bridges Dept., then I became in charge of conservative dentistryAt the same time, I was working in Al-Muwasat hospital (the biggest Hospital in Damascus) as in charge of conservative dentistry, taking only afternoon shifts

    Computer &IT knowledge

    • Good knowledge and usage of all MS office software (Word. Excel, Power Point, Access…etc)
    • Good understanding of Windows, and networking systems and IT policies and securities

    Personal Statement
    Whenever I do something ,I do it the exact same way I like to see others doing it for me
    “No thinking without working. Nor working without thinking”

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