frequently Asked Questions

What type of facility is MediCorp Gulf?
MediCorp Gulf is a private diagnostic centre treatment facility offering highly specialized, one-to-one treatment and advice for a range of health issues.

What medical problems/concerns do you care for?
We specialize in family medicine, ENT, gynaenacology & obstetrics, dentistry, general medicine, and dermatology clinics. We also offer state of the art Diagnostic services that includes a full range of laboratory tests as well as radiology and imaging services that include; MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasound and Digital Xray.

Who will provide the care?
Our facility is staffed by highly qualified, registered physicians and nurses

Do I need an appointment to come to the clinic?
Yes, if you want your visit to be on time and to avoid delays. We also receive “walk ins”.

Where are you located?
Please , Click Here To Get The Location Map.

Do you accept health insurance?
Yes, but please contact us for precise details

I don’t have health insurance, how much will it cost for me to be seen?
Our prices are highly competitive. Please contact us for more information about packages and promotions

What do I need to bring to an appointment?
You should bring current identification, a valid insurance card, a previous doctor’s report and a medication list (if applicable)

Can I be seen for a work related injury?
Please contact the front desk for further assistance and guidance.

Who can visit the MediCorp Gulf?
Anyone can visit us for a consultation, treatment , general advice and for diagnostic services including laboratory and radiology.

Can you take x-rays?
Yes. We have a full imaging and x-ray department with all computerised automated digital processing , MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasound and Digital Xray
Do you offer vaccinations?
Yes, we have various vaccinations available. Please ask for you specific requirements.

Do I need a referral?
We receive referrals as well as self requests and walk ins.

Do you have parking space?
Yes there is plenty of nearby parking available and Valet services are coming soon .

What makes MediCorp Gulf different to other clinics?
We believe our state-of-the-art equipment, stunning environment and ‘cream of the crop’ physicians (and the fact that we still have a highly competitive pricing structure) makes us stand apart from other clinics

I do not speak English very well. How can I communicate?
In Medicorp Gulf Medical Clinic we speak more than 12 languages including, Arabic, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Urdu, Filipino, Turkish, Hindi, and many other.

If you have any questions not covered by the FAQs, we encourage you to email us with your specific question at hr@medicorpgulf.com . We will respond to your query within 24 hours.

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